Tom Junkersdorf

Tom Junkersdorf

We consider ourselves networkers who bring the best together to accomplish the best.

As Editor-in-chief, I have had the privilege of working for the most beautiful media brands worldwide and of personally meeting the most exciting and creative minds of our time. Whether as Head of the New York office of BILD Zeitung/, Editor-in-chief of GQ, GQ-Style und GQ-Luxury and thus host of the internationally renowned GQ Men Of The Year Award Show. It is always the people who make the difference.

But today individuals and brands have to communicate differently if they want to remain or become unique. We have to get a new mindset for this purpose. A deep understanding that attitude, style and aspirations are becoming increasingly decisive, especially in the digital world. That every social media post has its impact, that every single livestream and digital product launch is an important brand presence. That’s exactly why I founded OFF-SCRIPT, the first full-service agency for premium brands in the field of watches, fashion and automotive, who want journalistically precise communication concepts for both successful and stylish online and offline experiences.

We see co-creating as a great strength and are therefore very happy to be part of the Three Winters Partners of Excellence network.

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