Ralph Fürther

There is a famous phrase that has shaped my life in many ways: “You cannot not communicate”. Paul Watzlawick hits the bull’s eye with it. I love communications and the strategic approach to it. Telling good stories about people, products and companies is a result of it. I was very fortunate to learn and apply the business in all relevant media genres. Radio presenter in Nuremberg, commentator at EUROSPORT, member of the legendary “ran” sports editorial team in Hamburg – later press spokesman for the German Ice Hockey League and for Premiere.

For the past ten years I have communicated for Sky Deutschland – 24/7, first sports, then all the consumer teams including entertainment and original productions, finally as the company’s spokesperson responsible for all aspects of communications. Leading teams, working with smaller and bigger budgets, hitting targets and beating targets is what I enjoyed a lot.

Now I am advising exciting clients and managers. Happy to have discussions with you soon.