Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust

For over 30 years I have always been in leading positions, first in Germany, at a startup, then in the USA, Mexico and Milan. The company with all its employees has always been a matter close to my heart. In my view, corporate results and the culture of the company are not contradictory but complementary factors.

Agility and the mobility of companies are playing an increasingly important role. This can be shaped, it can be designed, as they say today, but not prescribed. Such processes are participative.

For more than 3 decades I see myself as an expert in the design of agile business and design processes. Designthinking’ is not a lean method, but a structural paradigm shift and does nothappen overnight. Often a strategic adjustment or even reorientation is required in the company or in the respective business units to become agile.

If you are interested in such a ‘change process’, please contact me.