Karin Schäfer

In one world Start-Ups are exciting, have Feel-Good-Managers, and everybody has plenty of opportunities to create something unique. Often true, but works only if in another world one knows the legal playgrounds,  and has established clear process and procedere how to operate. Those two worlds appear only at first sight very different.

However, looking closer, they will be part of success if one knows them both, translate and implement them smart. As a business layer I am indentifying the challenges before they become problems. I love process and structure, and enjoy to introduce and implement them. I am advising start-ups, for a succesful investor search, and M&A processes. I am doing this not only when it is nice and easy but because of my Master degree for restructuring when something does not work as planned. I am a positive family person with a smile, and I am happy working in teams.