Andreas Grömling, M.A.

Communication fascinates me. In my previous stations, I have experienced and learned how complex it is, especially during my time in Japan. Listening carefully, reading between the lines, thinking strategically and anchoring messages successfully motivates me. My curiosity guides me to approach new topics and find out what the story is hidden behind.

I grew up in the south of Munich in Upper Bavaria and finished my schooling there before I went to study in Passau in Lower Bavaria.

The most important insight of my path so far? All people speak similar, yet sometimes different languages – I have always enjoyed to decipher and use these differences – to build bridges. During my time in Japan, which I spent most of in the pulsating metropolis of Osaka, I have strengthened my passion for decoding communication. Japan was extremely multifaceted and at first completely foreign through language and writing. I thought: the key to the people and the culture must be the language. Finding and using such keys drives me, also in Japan I was successful. I would like to do the same with you as our customers – decipher, understand and develop solutions based on these findings.

My last position as a consultant was with the global communications consultancy Kekst CNC. I set my focus on strategy, change, CEO positioning and crises. Before, amongst others, I sharpened my profile in media relations as an external press spokesperson. Privately, I like to travel with my camera in the mountains or in cities to capture moments that tell their own stories – without words.

If I can support you in your challenges, please contact me!