Jürgen Kaul 

I have been working in various positions in the Bavarian and Central German radio market for over 30 years. Always close to the listener, always listening and communicating. In the transaction analysis I learned how different people communicate, my coaching training has shown me the internal processes and how you can use them for yourself.

My motto: Don’t let them bother you! Whether from new colleagues, new employees, your own parents or children, neighbors or bosses. We are in relationships with all of these people, not just with our actual partners. We have a connection with everyone who is in our life. And all the people in these connections sometimes manage to push our buttons. Then we get angry, furious, disappointed or hurt. Don’t let go of control over your emotions. There is always a reason why we are reacting this way and not differently. It is my job, together with you, to look at the backpacks that you carry around and to make the heavy stones in them lighter.

As a result, you can deal more easily with people in all areas of your life. Communicating and presenting with and in front of people will then also be easier for you. The opposite of anger is joy. How would you prefer to go through life in the future?