We are pleased to announce the start of a consulting agreement  between Three Winters GmbH and the National Tourism Agency (NTA) of Albania,  which has signed our team to promote and upgrade the great potential of the  Western Balkan state. The project will be supervised by the founder and CEO of Thr3  Winters, Prof. Wolfram Winter and coordinated by senior advisor and partner Marina Komad.

The Three Winters team of experts are engaged in the Public Relations activities of Albania in the German-speaking countries for the sake of introducing those countries to t tourism destination with shores overlooking the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, both as a tourist and investment destination. Besides that, we are to support Albania as a new attractive Film- and TV- production hub, in addition of consulting digitalization process in Albania, as well as introducing new media research systems.

“Albania has an incredible potential – helping to unleash this, and  working together with some great people from NTA is a priviledge, and a unique opportunity we are very happy to be awarded with”, says Wolfram Winter.